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Any board game enthusiast will appreciate a nice backgammon set. This game has been around for millennia and still hasn’t lost its charm and will not anytime soon.

So, if you don’t already, it’s time to get your very own backgammon set. At Kaoori, you’ll find just the right set as we have everything from standard to ornamental backgammon sets. 

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We offer a variety of backgammon sets that are perfect for both beginners and more experienced players. In our collection, you’ll find backgammons with simple designs and ones that are pieces of art. If you plan to play it frequently, we recommend one with a simple design.

On the other hand, if it’s a gift or a commemorative backgammon set then run with your imagination and pick one of Kaoori’s gorgeous backgammon sets. We also offer sets that include backgammon, chess and checkers. These all in one sets make an excellent gift plus, they’re practical to have in the house to entertain your guests. 

Browse our catalogue for high quality backgammon sets at very affordable prices and fast shipping. You’ll be satisfied with both your purchase and genrellay, shopping experience.