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Finding the perfect chess set is no easy task but when you finally lay your eyes on THE one, it makes all the hassle worth it.

Just like a game of chess, you have to take your time to examine the options. Choosing the right chess set is directly linked with the purpose of that set. Do you need it for a tournament? Is it a gift? Are you looking for a unique chess set for your personal collection? Once you have a clear purpose in mind, browse the options carefully.

Pay special attention to the photos and zoom in to make sure that the figures are discernible, so you don’t end up with a queen that looks like a king or vice versa.


Chess sets come in different shapes and forms, so regardless of your taste, there is a chess set out there that’s just perfect for you. In our catalogue, you will find the chess set of your dreams.

Whether you’re looking for a wooden chess set, a three player chess set or perhaps, a themed one, you’ll find it in our collection. Within each chess set category, you will find dozens of different products and each of them have detailed descriptions for your convenience.

We assure you that with Kaoori, you’re buying more than a game, you’re buying an experience. 

At Kaoori, anyone can find their perfect chess set. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional player, a chess enthusiast, a beginner or simply a big fan of this wonderful sport - we’ve got the right chess set waiting to be delivered to you.

Go ahead, review the catalogue and become the proud owner of a chess set and the carrier of a beautiful legacy that is chess.