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Chess Pieces

Chess pieces are the make-it-or-break-it of any chess set.

They make the set stand out and catch the attention of any player.

Good chess pieces give confidence to the players. Moving pieces with slick design over a chess board reminds of a dance that’s why a lot of chess enthusiasts are eager to constantly upgrade their pieces.


Whether you’re conservative or daring when it comes to chess pieces, we have products that will leave you satisfied. Kaoori has everything from plastic chess pieces to luxury and themed ones. 

  • Plastic chess pieces - they are perfect for beginners, who are looking for chess pieces to go with their boards. Plastic pieces are light to carry and easy to replace.  

  • Themed chess pieces - these are perfect for chess enthusiasts and collectors, who are proud to show off their chess sets. 

  • E-pieces - if you have an e-board then e-pieces are a must for you. With e-pieces, all your moves are registered, so you can later analyze and improve your strategies. 

  • Luxury chess pieces - another great option for collectors. These pieces are eye-catching and are made for elegant chess boards. We assure you that with Kaoori’s luxury chess pieces, you’ll impress everyone whether they’re chess players or not. 

  • Staunton chess pieces - these are the classics that have stood the test of time. Staunton chess pieces are the standards for tournaments around the world. They’re great both for players who practice on a daily basis and ones who enjoy the occasional match. 

If you haven’t set your mind on any particular kind yet, browse all the collections in the catalogue and surely, one of the pieces will grab your attention. In any case, we guarantee that you’ll enjoy your shopping experience and you’ll receive good-quality chess pieces.