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Wooden Chess Set

A wooden chess set is more than a board and figures - it’s a legacy that has been passed over centuries. Whether you’re an avid chess player, an admirer or a chess enthusiast, a nice wooden chess set is a must for you. A wooden chess set is a great choice for those who love playing with a wood carved chess set or simply want to showcase it proudly in their living room.

We have the best wooden chess set for everyone. 

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At Kaoori, you will find a mesmerizing collection of hand-picked wooden chess sets. We offer wooden chess sets that have been created by professional artist-carvers. Each wooden chess set at Kaoori is a masterpiece with its unique story. In our store, you can find everything and anything from a gorgeous handmade wooden chess set to more simple and practical ones like a wooden chess set with storage. Browse our products and you will for sure find the wooden chess set that you’ve been searching. If you’re not sure which one is the best wooden chess set for you then no worries, Kaoori is here to help. Here are the nine most common types of wooden chess sets to choose from: 

Folding wooden chess set 

You can with a classic that is the folding wooden chess set. It’s elegant and practical at the same time. You can carry it very easily and also if needed or wanted, showcase it. At Kaoori, you will find a variety of folding wooden chess sets from fancy to simple. 

Magnetic wooden chess set

Yes, magnetic wooden chess sets can be wooden too! If you’re looking for something a bit more practical than a folding wooden chess set then look no more - one of Kaoori’s magnetic wooden chess sets is an excellent choice for you. 

Luxury wooden chess set

Chess is a noble game and it has been associated with affluent people for the longest time. If you want to experience chess as the royals in the 19th century, you need to get a luxury wooden chess set that is made of high-quality wood, and the pieces have magnificent and slick design. Kaoori has a number of luxury wooden chess sets, so you’ll find the one that meets your needs, wants and finances. 

Staunton wooden chess set

Another one of Kaoori’s favorite wooden chess sets is the staunton pieces. Similar to folding wooden ones, the staunton wooden chess sets are a classic too. It’s a great option for every kind of chess player be it a beginner or a professional. 

Themed chess set

Kaoori takes pride in its unique collection of themed wooden chess sets. These chess sets are perfect for collectors, chess enthusiasts and people who admire chess and at the same time love ancient Romans or Egyptians. 

Three player set

Three player chess sets are a rather new phenomenon but they have won the hearts of many players. If you’re one of them then Kaoori has a nice surprise for you in the shape of wooden three player chess sets. 

Antique wooden chess set

The ultimate chess experience is playing it with an antique wooden chess set. With one of Kaoori’s antique sets, you’ll experience chess as it was played in the late 19th and early 20th century. It’s a great present and a wonderful asset to own. 

Training sets

If you’re a beginner, it doesn’t mean you have to start from plastic chess sets. Kaoori offers a great selection of training wooden chess sets that will implant a lifelong love for this game. If you, your friends or family are just embarking on the beautiful journey that is playing chess, get a wooden training set and you’ll have no regrets. 

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