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Themed Chess Sets

Throughout its existence, chess has morphed into a number of different designs. We have regular chess sets, antique ones, luxury chess sets that are simply a work of art. Recently, one of the popular types of chess are the themed chess sets that are created based on a certain franchise or era.

Kaoori’s collection of themed chess sets features Greek mythology, Byzantine empire, Gothic chess sets and even a Christmas themed one. 

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Themed chess sets are an excellent option for everyone be it a professional player, an enthusiast, a beginner or an avid collector. Themed chess sets are perfect because they combine more than one interest or passion. If someone loves chess and is a big Harry Potter nerd then voila, you’ve got the ideal present - a Harry Potter chess set. The diversity of themed chess sets today is overwhelming; we’ve got movie themes chess sets like Lord of the Rings chess set or a Star Wars chess set and we’ve historical ones like Civil War chess set or a Sparta chess set. 

While the franchise oriented chess sets are rather new, the history themed ones have a quite long history dating back to the 19th century. Let’s take a quick trip down the history lane to see how themed chess sets were created, shall we? 

The history behind themed chess sets 

In the mid 1800s, chess became mainstream and standard sets were easy to find. At some point, people (mainly the upper class) started looking for more unique pieces and sets to show off, so personalized chess sets emerged. Gradually, these personalized chess sets were benign crafted around certain themes like the French revolution or ancient Greece. Slowly but steadily, this practice expanded and themed chess sets entered the market. This tradition is alive today and even though we see more and more franchise-oriented themed chess sets, the historical ones have their unique place among themed chess sets. 

The best themed chess sets

Themed chess sets allow chess enthusiasts to get one that reflects their interests and in that sense, it’s hard to say which themed chess sets are the best. We can, however, share with you some of the most popular sets and themes of 2021 for inspiration: 

  • Crusades chess set 

  • Battle Of Trafalgar 

  • 3D Dragon chess set

  • Civil War themed chess set - specifically the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg Civil War chess set 

  • The Lord of the Rings chess set 

  • Egyptian chess set 

For more ideas, browse Kaoori’s handpicked collection of themed chess sets. 

How to choose just the right themed chess set

Themed chess sets usually tend to be either a gift or an addition to a collection - either way, choosing just the right themed chess set can be hard. Here is Kaoori’s advice to consider when purchasing a themed chess set: 

  • Start browsing the collection with specific themes  and interests in mind. Don’t buy a themed chess set just because of the hype around it. Themed chess sets are an investment, so make sure it reflects your or your giftee’s interests.  

  • Ask for help when you need it. Chess specialists will help you navigate the choices. At Kaoori, you can reach out to our support team that works 24/7. 

  • Pay attention to the additional features of the themed chess set such as storage. 

We’re sure that at Kaoori, you’ll find a themed chess set that will become an invaluable addition to your personal collection or a thoughtful gift for your chess enthusiast friend.