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Staunton Chess Set

The unique feature that differentiates Staunton chess sets from the other ones is the particular style of its chess pieces. The origins of staunton chess sets trace back to the 18th century, when chess became known worldwide. It was played in nearly every corner of the world and this international fame led to a need for more practical and universal chess sets with recognizable figures.

Staunton chess sets were designed by Nathaniel Cooke, a journalist and it was named after chess master Howard Staunton. Fun fact - the very first 500 copies of Staunton chess sets had Staunton’s signature on them. 

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In the mid 19th century, these chess sets were promoted by a company called Jaques of London marking the spread of Staunton chess sets. They were disseminated very quickly and became a standard chess set for chess tournaments and competitions. Staunton chess sets remain a standard for many local and international competitions, so it’s time to get your own to practice.  

For the past three centuries, these chess sets have been the number 1 choice of many many players both amateur and professional. To this day, staunton chess sets continue to be in high demand. At Kaoori, you will find a large selection of staunton chess sets that vary in size and color. 

Staunton chess pieces are inspired by neoclassical design with a clear influence from the traditional Victorian high classes in the society that are reflected in the bishop, queen's coronet, king's crown, etc. But design is not the only thing that made and continues to make Staunton chess pieces stand out among all the other kinds of chess boards. Staunton chess pieces feature weighted lead, which provides support. Also, the pieces were tacked with felt on the bottom, so that unlike other chess pieces, can be easily slid across the chess board. Today, Staunton chess pieces are made with the same principles. 

At Kaoori, you can find variations of Staunton chess sets from handmade to wooden ones. So, even within this one type, you can find options and choose one that fits your taste the most. Generally speaking, there are 17 official variations on the Staunton chess set, the classic one being the most popular. The next in line is the wooden Staunton chess set that is a combination of two traditions - wood and Staunton pieces. The latter is a win-win for chess enthusiasts who are torn between the virtue of the wood and the universality of the Staunton chess sets. Kaoori has an amazing selection of wooden and classical Staunton chess sets. Whether you decide to opt for a classic Staunton or a Staunton wood chess set, you’ll find it in our store. 

There is certainly no shortage in the types of chess sets available in the whole world, plus new ones enter the market constantly but Staunton will forever hold a special pace. Staunton chess sets are sought by beginners, collectors, enthusiasts as well as world renown chess players. 

Find your very own Staunton chess set here at Kaoori and join the army of Staunton fans.