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Royal Chess Sets

Kaoori’s royal chess sets come from the long tradition of royal chess pieces inspired by the kings, queens and knights. Today, royal chess sets are handmade. They are designed and built from high quality and durable wood by experienced masters. Kaoori’s collection of royal chess sets features a variety of sizes, colors, designs and prices.

At our store, you’ll find the royal chess set of your dreams and play your next game with an elegant and stunning set.  

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The origins of of Royal Chess Sets

Chess has traveled a lot and through many countries before it became the game that we know today. The biggest and most lasting changes to the game were done in Medieval Europe. In addition to changing some of its rules and introducing new designs, the pieces were renamed to royal figures such as king, queen or bishop thus creating royal chess sets. The roles assigned to these pieces have changed over time too. In some cultures, where chess was played, it was forbidden to have a female character on the board. The queen piece was introduced later and was given additional moves and directions making it a critical piece in the game.

Another important feature of royal chess sets is the presence of ornamental figures, which came to replace standard faceless Staunton pieces. As a matter of fact, from the 15th century to the mid-19th century, the royal pieces became more ornamental and detailed. Some chess sets had pieces that were actually based on real-life kings and queens such as Elizabeth I, Louis XVI or Marie Antoinette. These types of special made, detailed pieces marked the beginning of a new era - the era of royal chess sets. 

In the mid-1800s, however, royal chess sets conceded their place to more standardized chess sets. There was a huge decline in highly detailed ornamental sets, so royal chess sets approached the verge of disappearing. Instead of chess sets with strongly visible royal pieces, there were typical Staunton sets that emphasized simpler, neoclassical inspired crowns rather than royal figures with faces or other detailed features.


Royal Chess Sets now

Luckily, royal chess sets did make a comeback and we now get to play with pieces that have exquisite and detailed designs. Classic chess sets are widely popular now and you can find not only one type of royal chess set but an endless amount of variations based on color, material, design, size and even price. At Kaoori, we sell royal chess sets that are suited to any budget or personal taste.

For those looking for more affordable options, we offer royal chess sets that have a smaller and more compact design. On the other hand, if your top priority is quality and not the price then opt for one of our luxurious royal chess sets that are made from quality wood and have a stunning look. For hardcore chess collectors and enthusiasts, we also offer handcrafted royal chess sets that are on more of an expensive end but they will catch the attention of any passerby. 


If you’re curious what the real royal chess sets looked like, you can find them in museums around the world. For instance, probably one of the most famous royal chess sets in the world “Lewis chessmen” is  currently at the British Museum in London. The rest of royal chess sets that reached our days are kept in private collections and research institutions. Some of these royal chess sets are frequently presented in temporary displays. 


Before you can find and buy a genuine royal chess set, browse Kaoori’s collection and purchase your very first one today!