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Luxury Chess Sets

Kaoori presents you its treasures - luxury chess sets. Each one of these sets is special and unique in its own way. They all convey the wisdom and the elegance that is prescribed to chess. Playing chess is a pleasure, playing it with a luxury chess set is an unforgettable experience. It’s a reflection of your individuality and a testament of your love of chess.

Kaoori’s collection of luxury chess sets is a compilation of different styles, colors, materials and even themes, where everyone can find just the right chess set. 

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Luxury chess sets are nearly as old as chess itself. They have a rich history that begins in the 15th century when luxury chess boards and pieces made their first appearance. These chess sets were extremely rare and were custom made only for the affluent people. These luxury chess sets featured highly detailed designs and exquisite materials. When chess became more mainstream and sets were made in factories, the demand for luxury chess sets remained high. In the 19th century, the upper class continued buying personalized, handmade deluxe chess sets. Some of these luxury antique chess sets are sold today for exorbitant prices at auctions. At Kaoori, you can get your own luxury chess set at a reasonable price and feel like 19th century intelligentsia. Luxury chess sets are more than yet another type of a chess set, they are a love letter to the game, a great way to show your passion, respect and dedication to the game. 


What kind of luxury chess sets are there?


Within our collection of luxury chess sets, you’ll find a variety of designs and materials. Even the pickiest chess enthusiast can find the luxury chess set of their dreams. In addition to classic luxury chess sets, Kaoori is also proud to feature a selection of modern luxury chess sets that combine the best traditions of chess sets with the touch of modern era.   

At Kaoori you can also find the chess sets made of different materials. Let’s go over them one by one, so you can make an informed decision.  

Luxury wooden chess set

Starting from the most common material, we have a large collection of luxury wooden chess sets. These chess sets will win your heart with their carvings, elegant and luxury chess pieces. Our wooden chess sets are made of ebony, red sandalwood and boxwood. These are all high-quality and valuable types of wood, which make the chess sets unique, beautiful and most importantly, tough and everlasting. 

Luxury glass chess set

Next in our collection are luxury glass chess sets that are made of either glass or crystals. These chess sets are not new. They have a history of over 11 centuries and were extremely popular in the Arab world. Despite their rich history, luxury glass chess sets today convey futuristic vibes. Chess sets made of glass are more for decoration but you can use them for playing as well. The opposing armies have different colored glass or frosted and ordinary glass, so confusions are impossible. 

Luxury metal chess sets

If you’re looking for something more unconventional then our luxury metal chess sets are the perfect option for you. They were very popular in the medieval times especially among the royal and they continue to be in high demand today too. Luxury chess sets aren’t the most practical kind but they’ll certainly become a valuable possession to showcase proudly. 

Luxury marble chess sets 

Kaoori has not only luxury marble chess sets but also ones made of other stones such as obsidian, precious and semi-precious stones. We can assure you that these chess sets are worth the price and they will impress every single person who sees them. 

Go on and browse Kaoori store, and order a luxury chess set with a value beyond its price!