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DGT Chess Sets

Chess has come a long way both literally and figuratively - from chaturanga to three person chess and themed chess sets.

The evolution of chess didn’t stop there and we now have DGT chess. DGT chess boards connect the power of PC software to the power of chess, and allow players gain valuable insights about their and their opponent’s games. DGT chess sets look exactly the same as traditional chess sets but they have an extra touch of technology to them.

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DGT chess otherwise known as DGT eboard is available in both USB connection and Bluetooth. They connect to special software in your PC allowing you to track each move in real life. DGT chess sets are not created for personal use only, they are used in world championships and other tournaments to record and broadcast the game. DGT chess sets are an excellent option for those who love to play chess with the actual board and pieces, but at the same time, want the benefits of playing chess online (e.g. record of all the moves for later analysis).

At Kaoori, you can find affordable and high-quality DGT chess sets and starter boxes. And if you’re still not sure why you need a DGT chess set, keep reading. 

What do DGT boards look like?

DGT boards are designed to look exactly like conventional chess sets. They have tournament size squares of 55x55mm. DGT chess sets are made of different materials, most commonly wood such as Walnut, Rosewood or Wengé. There are also plastic boards that look like wood. These are more affordable and lightweight compared to wooden DGT chess sets. 

DGT boards and pieces have special patented sensor technology that registers both the type, colour and the location of each chess piece on the board throughout the game. On average, a DGT chess set can store up to 500 moves. 

For all Staunton chess set fans, there are different styles of handcrafted classical Staunton type electronic wooden chess sets available and all of them comply with official tournament size standards (king height 95mm / 3.75").

Who uses DGT chess sets and why?

DGT chess boards can be used by anyone who has the ability to buy them. Many chess clubs and schools also use DGT sets.  In terms of professional chess play, special DGT boards have been used at World Chess Championships and other major and many minor chess tournaments worldwide since 1998.

DGT chess sets allow broadcasting chess games live as they happen via the internet or to their audience. They are also great tools for registering and recording the games for later analysis and publication.

Some players also use DGT boards to play online against opponents via the internet on chess platforms. It’s a great way of still using an actual chess set but playing with an opponent on the other side of the world. 

Additional benefits of DGT chess sets include:

  • The boards allow players and teachers to quickly set up chess positions for analysis.

  • DGT boards can be used to play against chess programs and engines. 

  • The boards pass the data of the moves to computers thus enabling computer assisted analysis of games

So, whether you’re a professional chess player or an amateur who loves to play chess via, a DGT chess has a lot of advantages for you. Look through Kaoori’s collection of DGT boards and get your very own today!