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Demo Chess Sets

Demo chess sets are a must for everyone who is interested in chess. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional player, demo chess sets are an inseparable part of your chess ensemble. Demo chess sets help study your own game, teach others or demonstrate a move. Kaoori’s demo chess sets can be used in schools, tournaments or simply, in your house.

They are made of durable materials, are easy to carry and move around. Demo chess sets will undoubtedly help you improve your game, so don’t hesitate, purchase yours today. 

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How is demo chess different from traditional sets?

The difference between demo chess sets and classic chess sets can be spotted even from afar. Demo sets are big in size and they’re designed to be tacked or hung up on walls or chalkboards for easy display. Unlike 3D pieces of traditional chess, demo sets have big 2D pieces that can be attached to the demo board. Demo sets aren’t designed to be used for a casual game of chess. You technically can play a whole game using a demo set but it certainly won’t be convenient. Demo sets have a specific purpose - to demonstrate and teach. They’re often used in large tournaments to showcase the moves of the players. Demo sets are great for presenting various problems to large audiences. 


Different types of demo chess

You can find different types of demo chess sets in the market but the two most common ones that are sold at Kaoori are the magnetic chess set and the pouch-style demo boards. Magnetic chess sets have a board and flat pieces that have magnets in them. The magnets allow the pieces to be moved across the board and not fall. Pouch style demo boards, on the other hand, have clear pouches over each square on the board, so the pieces that can be made of cardboard, plastic or vinyl move in and out of each pouch.

Both magnetic and pouch-style chess boards are excellent options, so it’s more a matter of taste and budget. Generally speaking, magnetic chess sets tend to be a bit more durable, while the pouches are prone to tearing and require more care.

Buying a demo chess set

As soon as you’ve figured out that you need a demo chess as soon as possible, you’ll find yourself wondering whether you should get the magnetic one or the pouch-style. 

If you’re going to use it in a classroom then we recommend the magnetic boards as they’re more engaging. These sets are much easier for children to use than the pouch-style boards. Plus, there is always the matter of durability and magnetic demo sets score a point in their favor. But you should also keep in mind that it’s easier to lose magnetic pieces than the pouch-style ones simply because there is no pouch to hold them. But this problem is easily solved if you attach the demo set to the wall and you keep an eye out for children trying to grab the pieces. 

Get your demo chess set from a designated chess store like Kaoori. We offer only high quality products and we constantly run special deals on our products, so you can get your demo set with a discount. We also have a range of options of available and other accessories that you might need. Explore our collection of demo chess sets and look through other products, so you get all your chess-related accessories from one place.