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Are you in the market for new chess sets? You are not alone! Chess is one of the most popular games in the world, and the millions of chess boards sold around the world are a testament to that popularity. And we don’t even have to look at the numbers. Just the fact that one game can stick around for centuries and not lose, but only gain more audience is amazing! But what’s the secret? How did a board game survive and thrive through all of the changes in the world?

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Why is chess so popular?

The reasons are many. This game was first played (in a different form) in India, as far back as the 6th Century AD. Since then, it found its way to Persia and later on to Europe and the Russian Empire. But why? Chess gave people a chance to play at war without actually fighting it! From a psychological point of view, this makes so much sense. Chess gave a perfect outlet to the thrill of a battle, without the danger! It has everything: strategy, thrill, and the possibility to overthrow kings and queens while having so much fun! It engages people on so many levels, and it’s quite addictive too! The times have changed, but human nature hasn’t. We still crave that feeling and still have a game that can fulfil it. Look at how it can bring generations together, as its equally interesting for school children and their grandparents. Chess is a unique way to bond and learn from each other. The scale of that popularity is enormous too. This game is played recreationally at home, on the school level in chess clubs, little inter-school competitions, and on the big scale, during international tournaments with thousands in prize money. In other words: chess is an extremely popular game, and whether you are a beginner at chess or an old pro, it is not unusual to want to add a new set to your collection. Trends come and go, while chess checkmates the ever-changing trends for over a millennium, unlike many other similar competitive board games that have become a part of history long ago. And one of the reasons why over the years the popularity of chess has only grown is that chess is often fairly referred to as one of the most intellectual board games out there, which enhances mental ability, cognitive skills and greatly stimulates logical thinking. Read More