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Themed Chess Pieces

Are you looking for some themed chess pieces to complete your set? You’ve come to the right place. At Kaoori you’ll find themed chess pieces designed with various aesthetic themes in mind, ranging from classical chess to historical figures to popular franchises like Star Wars or Harry Potter. Themed chess pieces have been around for a long time but they’ve been on a new wave of popularity recently.

Certain themed pieces like Roman chess pieces, medieval chess pieces and other ones are treasured by collectors worldwide.

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The selection is rather big these days, so you can find a themed chess set that combines both of your passions (chess and whatever theme you love). Even if you don’t have a particular theme in mind, once you browse Kaoori’s collection, you’ll find themed chess pieces that you must have. 

The history of themed chess pieces

It might seem like themed chess pieces are a novelty but in reality, standardized chess pieces are. When chess was first invented, pieces were individually made according to either the personal tastes of the maker or the person who ordered the chess set. Generally speaking, most commissioners often asked for chess pieces that reflect their personality, family or their personal tastes.

In the 19th century, Staunton chess sets were developed and they quickly became an industry standard. Soon when chess tournaments became regular events, the organizers and players agreed to use sets that are identical or nearly identical in styles. So Staunton and other traditional chess sets became even more popular and personalized chess sets faded in popularity.

Themed chess pieces and sets made a come-back in the 20th century. Chess became a passion and a hobby for many, and owning a unique chess set became cool again. This led to an increase in the demand of themed chess pieces. The demand is high to this day and the variety of themes just keeps growing. 

What kind of themed chess sets are there?

The short answer is many but if we were to divide into primary categories, there are two of them: antiquity/history themed and novelty themed. The first category includes themed chess pieces that are modeled after ancient Greece, ancient Rome, historical kings and queens and so on. Novelty themed pieces, on the other hand, are made after popular movies, TV shows, or other entertainment such as Star Wars,  Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.

Tips for buying themed chess pieces

Themed chess pieces tend to be rather expensive, plus there is a big variety, so it’s hard to choose. In addition to all that, purchasing themed chess pieces is an important decision, especially if you are adding to a personal collection. Kaoori prepared a couple of tips that will help you make the right decision and purchase themed chess pieces that you’re proud of:

Tip: Purchase a themed chess set instead of chess pieces to save money

In addition to themed chess pieces, you can also find themed chess sets at Kaoori. So, if you want to add one to your collection and save money at the same time then consider buying the entire set.

Tip: Consider different materials for less expensive pieces

Themed chess pieces aren’t only hand crafted from wood or metal. You can actually find beautiful themed chess pieces made of plastic which are a cheaper alternative to fancy themed pieces. These pieces and sets are less expensive to produce hence they’re cheaper, so go through Kaoori’s collection of themed chess pieces and you might find the next addition to your collection.