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Plastic Chess Pieces

Are you in the market to purchase chess pieces and are you looking for an inexpensive simple option? Plastic chess pieces are the perfect option for you and you’ll find them right here at Kaoori. 

Plastic chess pieces come in a range of different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your chess board. They are lightweight and rather affordable, so they make an excellent option for both professional and amateur chess players. 

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Plastic chess pieces certainly don’t lack competition but they still stand out and remain a popular choice among many chess players.

The advantages of plastic chess pieces

Plastic is one of the most common materials in the world and because of that plastic chess pieces are easy and low-cost to produce. Therefore, plastic chess pieces are significantly cheaper than pieces made from hand-carved wood. 

Also, due to the material, plastic chess pieces have light weight, so they are a great fit for younger players who can’t play with heavier pieces made from metal or wood. 

If you’re new to chess or you’re a long-term enthusiast in need of some new chess pieces, go for the plastic ones and you can upgrade to more expensive ones later on. 

Types of plastic chess pieces

When buying plastic chess pieces, your choice is certainly not limited. At Kaoori, we offer a few different types of plastic chess pieces such as Staunton plastic pieces, themed plastic pieces, and magnetic pieces. 

The Staunton pieces are created after traditional Staunton sizes and looks. They are considered as the standard type among chess players. If you’re looking for plastic tournament chess pieces then the Staunton one is your go-to option.

Themed plastic pieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and as the name suggests, they follow a certain theme. Themed plastic pieces can be from medieval times to popular movies. These are more decorative than they are practical. 

Magnetic chess pieces are essentially the same as plastic Staunton pieces but they have a magnetic strip on the bottom that helps them stick to magnetic chess boards. So, if you own a magnetic chess board and need to upgrade your pieces then go ahead and purchase magnetic plastic pieces from Kaoori. 

How to buy the best plastic chess pieces?

Even though they are relatively inexpensive, you’re still going to spend time and money on purchasing plastic chess pieces, so you want to get the best ones possible. Here are some things we recommend to do to buy the best ones possible.

Tip: Settle on what type of pieces you want to buy before you shop


This tip will help you save you time and money because if you know what you’re looking for in advance, you’ll save time and focus it on finding the best deals on that particular type of plastic chess piece. So whether you’re looking for themed, Staunton or plastic tournament chess pieces, decide in advance and then begin your search at Kaoori.

Tip: Shop at chess speciality sites 

If you want a good deal and also quality products then get your plastic chess pieces from a speciality store. You’ll find the greatest range of choices available as well as discounted options .

Tip: Consider buying a complete set at a discount

In some cases plastic chess sets are much cheaper than pieces and boards individually. So if you could also use a new chess board, consider buying the whole set. If not you can always get plastic chess pieces and chess boards separately. 

Go ahead and look through our collection of plastic chess pieces and if you need help, let us know - our customer service works 24/7.