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Luxury Chess Pieces

Chess pieces come in nearly all shapes and forms, and they are made of different materials. Depending on your needs and wants, you might choose plastic chess pieces or opt for a nice set of themed chess pieces for your collection. If you've spent at least a couple of minutes searching for chess, you've probably found that some chess sets stand out from the rest: luxury chess sets.

Exquisite boards and luxury chess pieces are included in luxury chess sets that will leave any customer impressed. 

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Kaoori takes pride in its collection of luxury chess pieces made by masters who hand carve and turn the wood chess pieces to the highest quality levels ever seen in a chess collection. Our premium luxury chess pieces will leave any chess player in awe. Kaoori’s luxury chess pieces surpasses the others  in any price range in terms of style, consistency, and craftsmanship. These luxury chess pieces were built for daily plays but due to excellent quality and craftsmanship, these pieces will maintain their elegance. 

If you’re still hesitating, take a look at the following 6 reasons why you should buy luxury chess pieces:

  1. They look beautiful and classy.

Who doesn't adore a classic and sophisticated look? Luxury pieces bring sophistication to your home in a simple way, making them ideal for those looking to add class and elegance to their home. 

  1. They make the game more enjoyable to play.

It's simply more enjoyable to play chess with a high-end luxury chess set built from the finest materials. Yeah, playing with budget chess boards isn't bad—but using an elegantly polished wooden board and moving around handcrafted pieces made from high-quality materials makes the whole experience much more pleasant. It gives the game a certain feel that is difficult to achieve with traditional budget chess boards.

  1. They are ideal for chess enthusiasts.

If you enjoy chess or know someone who does, then luxury chess pieces are the ideal present—for them or for you! Luxury chess pieces are a refined way to show your passion for the game, showing that you value chess for more than just entertainment.

  1. They're wonderful bits to hand on to your children.

A luxury chess set can be a great investment for something you would want to hand on to your children whether you have children or intend to have them. If your children like chess, it will be an even more valuable souvenir because they will not only have something of yours but they will also be able to play the luxury chess set and remember it was a gift from you. Luxury chess pieces can become your family heirloom. 

  1. They create amazing conversation pieces.

Who doesn't like a nice topic of discussion? Seeing your luxury chess pieces will certainly spark an engaging conversation. From hand crafted wood to polished porcelain and all in between, luxury items are available in a variety of stylish designs and materials. No matter where you hold your chess board in your home—the dining room, the game room, or even the garden—it will look elegant.

  1. They last longer than low-cost ones.

Cheap plastic parts are less expensive, but they also have a shorter lifetime. Budget items are usually made of low-cost materials that can break, crack, or simply wear out over time. Budget pieces also get worn out, causing them to lose their data. This is not only unsightly, but it can also affect the weight and feel of the pieces, affecting your chess game.

Go on and look through Kaoori’s collection of luxury chess pieces and should you have any questions, let us know. Our customer support works 24/7.