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Electronic chess sets look exactly like traditional chess sets but they use special technology that allows to play electronically against a computer or even against someone who is playing online. Electronic chess sets have sensors that determine the placement of each chess piece and their moves.

As a player you do everything you’d do with a traditional chess set and when it’s time for your opponent’s move, the system will indicate using a light and digital display to indicate where each piece should move, so you do it. 

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Electronic chess sets are perfect for those who like playing with different opponents across the globe but at the same time, they appreciate playing with an actual set. They can also be used to practice and improve chess skills and test strategies. In some cases, electronic chess sets are also used during tournaments when a player is unable to join physically and has to play online. 

Electronic chess sets are sold as a whole set, you can also find electronic chess pieces and boards sold separately in case you need to upgrade either one of them. At Kaoori you’ll find both electronic sets, e-pieces and e-boards. 

What do electronic chess pieces entail?

Electronic chess pieces are specifically designed for electronic chess boards although you could technically use them with a regular board. As already mentioned, electronic chess sets rely on sensors to figure out where each chess piece is located and use that data to generate moves based on a computer algorithm. Electronic chess pieces are carefully calibrated and designed in order to work with an electronic board. Usually each brand of electronic chess board has its own chess pieces that are designed specifically for them. So when you’re buying dgt chess pieces for your eboard make sure that it works with the brand that you own. If you mismatch the board and the pieces, the board might not recognize that there is a piece on each square and what specific piece is located on a square at any given time.

At Kaoori, you’ll find electronic and timeless electronic chess pieces that are modeled after the classic Staunton chess pieces. 

Should you purchase an electronic chess set or e-pieces?

Electronic chess sets are expensive and in a way, they are an investment, so you need to think long and hard before you purchase it. Weigh the pros and cons of owning an e-set and make a decision based on that. Here are some guiding points to help you get started: 

  • Do you need to practice chess on your own?

  • Do you need to improve your chess game and would like to use an actual board for that instead of online simulations?

  • Do you love playing chess but you can’t always find a partner to play with? 

  • Would you like to play with different players across the globe and use an actual physical chess set? 

If you answered yes to all these questions then the decision is obvious, you need to get an e-set and if you already own a dgt chess board then get the electronic pieces from Kaoori.