Chess Pieces

Can you imagine a chess game without chess pieces? Neither can we! Chess pieces are the central and most important part of chess sets. They have transformed and evolved throughout history, taking on different characters and costumes. As chess spread all around the world, by the mid 19th century, there were so many different styles of chess pieces, that players often refused to have matches on each other’s boards, having trouble with differentiating the characters.

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This problem was solved in 1849, when journalist and illustrator Nathaniel Cook came up with the most simplistic and symbolic design, which we all know and love today, and named it after the English chess master Howard Staunton. That’s how now-classic Staunton pieces were initially created. And since then, it’s the official style of sets for any chess tournament around the world. Chess, as we have already mentioned several times, is mostly played on a wooden board with wooden pieces. And if you are looking for the best handmade wooden chess pieces, then you are in the right place: Kaoori offers the highest quality wooden chess pieces of different types:
  • American Staunton Pieces Ebonise
  • Executive Pieces Sheesham
  • French Knight Pieces Ebonised
  • Stallion Knight Chessmen
  • Staunton Pieces Cherry
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