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Analog Chess Clocks

Throughout its existence, chess has picked up some accessories that have become an inseparable part of its entourage. One of such accessories are analog chess clocks. They are double clocks that are set next to the boards on a chess table. chess clocks are used to keep track of the time that each chess player spends on a move.

Depending on the rules and regulations of that particular game, chess clocks can be used to make sure that the players aren’t taking too long to make a move. They can also be used for speed, blitz or other time-based games.

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Typically, all tournaments have standardized limits to the amount of time that each player can spend on a move. If they exceed the limit, they will face a penalty and in some cases even be disqualified. And the timing is done through chess clocks. 

Some players prefer to level up their chess game from time to time, so they play fast games. Before the game, the players decide on a maximum period of time that they are allowed to spend on making a move. For example, in the U.S. during a standard chess game, players are given 2 hours for the first 40 moves. In a blitz game, however, players might have 3-5 minutes. In both cases, players rely on a chess clock. 

Analog vs. digital chess clocks

The two most common chess clocks are the analog and digital ones. Analog chess clocks are made of mechanical parts and they are essentially standard clocks with flags that tell players when their time is up. Digital chess clocks, on the other hand, are made of electronic components and have digital displays. 

There is no difference between digital and analog chess clocks, it’s just a matter of taste. Old school chess players prefer analog chess clocks, while the new generation is inclined towards the digital ones. 

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As surprising as it may be, the history of the chess clocks doesn't begin with analog times. In the 1860s, tired from the slow pace of the game, players began to use sand glass timers then they moved to using two regular watches and finally, in 1870 the chess timers were introduced. Analog chess clocks have become the very first timers to be used in professional play, and to this day, they remain a popular choice among players. 

The great thing about analog chess clocks is that not all of them require batteries, so it certainly won’t fail you in the middle of the game. Analog chess timers have a wind up mechanism which allows you to play without having to rely on batteries. That is not to say that all analog chess clocks work like this, some do require batteries but even these last longer than digital chess clocks. 

Some players are worried about the accuracy of the analog chess clocks. Unlike digital timers, they use a mechanical drop flag to let players know when their time is up. This serves as a visual clue for the players that lets them know it’s time to end the move, so it solves the accuracy issue. 

At the end of the day, it’s undeniable that analog chess clocks are a classic. They have a sleek and elegant design, and a certain aesthetic that digital clocks just can’t achieve. At Kaoori, you can find all kinds of analog chess clocks that vary in style, material and price. Simply look through our collection, and you’ll for sure find the perfect analog chess clock for you.