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Chess Clock

It’s hard to imagine chess without a chess clock these days but we often forget that when chess was first invented, timers weren’t a part of it. When chess was first invented, matches used to last even for days.

Eventually time limits were established and chess clocks were introduced. The first official record of a chess clock dates back to 1883, when a mechanical timing device had been invented by Fattorini & Sons of Bradford in London.

The first prototype of a chess clock looked exactly like the ones today - two identical clocks set on opposite ends of a balance beam. The rules were the same too, when one player finished his move, he stopped its time and started the opponent’s clock. 


Chess clocks have developed since 1883 and now we have analog chess clocks and digital ones. If you’re more prone to old-school chess then an analog chess clock is perfect for you. If you’re more of a 21st century player then opt for a digital chess clock. 

Whether you’re a professional player, an amateur or a beginner, a chess clock is a must. Chess is an enchanting game and you can get carried away very easily. Chess clocks will help you and your opponent stay on track and make your moves on time. 

At Kaoori, you’ll find a chess clock that ticks all your boxes. The very first thing to look for in a chess clock is accuracy. But it doesn’t mean your timer can’t have a good design. Kaoori has a variety of designs both among analog and digital chess clocks, and accuracy is not sacrificed for a slick design. Order your clock today and complete your chess set.