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Wooden Chess Board

When we think of chess boards, the first ones that come to mind are wooden chess boards. These are the classics of all time that are loved and appreciated by professionals and amateurs alike.

Wood is definitely the most common material used to make a chess board, and many consider it the best due to its durability, appearance and overall smoothness when compared to other chess board materials.

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Wooden chess boards vary in style and size, so regardless of your taste and preferences, you will find a wooden chess board that’s perfect for you. 

The key advantages of wooden chess boards

Besides being durable, wooden chess boards have a number of other benefits that make them tempting for so many chess enthusiasts. If you’re not yet sure whether purchasing a wooden chess board is the right move for you, consider these advantages:

Wooden chess boards allow for a smoother game

The smoothness of the chess board is directly linked with the smoothness of your game. If the chess board is made of low quality materials then it’ll likely lack smoothness that chess players need, want and love so much. Wood is one of the smoothest among all materials that chess boards can be made of when it is properly sanded, polished and taken care of by the owner.

Wooden chess boards are elegant

From the practical to not so practical benefit of wooden chess sets. They look classic, elegant, and blend in with any type of interior design style. Wooden chess sets come in a range of different colors allowing you to choose anything from very light brown to dark brown and even white. 

Wooden chess boards are available in a range of prices

Wooden chess boards are accessible and available to anyone regardless of their budget. You can get a very basic wooden chess board for as cheap as $35. You can also find handmade exquisite wooden chess boards that cost much more. 

Tips for buying wooden chess boards

By now you should have been convinced that a wooden chess set is a great investment and you should start looking for yours. When browsing through Kaoori’s collection of wooden chess boards, keep these tips in mind:

#1 Don’t buy the first wooden chess board you see

Even if it’s love at first sight, don’t buy the very first wooden chess board that you see. It’s important that you look around and consider the variety of sizes, colors and types. Shortlist 3 to 5 and compare them to each other based on brand, price and any other specific characteristics. Kaoori has a very large collection of wooden chess boards, so you won’t have a problem finding at least 3 boards that you like. 

#2 Folding vs regular wooden chess board

Wooden chess boards can also be folding, which is great news for those who want extra storage and also prefer smaller chess boards. Even though folded wooden chess boards aren’t quite as common as non-foldable ones, they are very convenient, easy to store and move around. So if you play chess on the go a lot then consider purchasing a folding wooden chess board. 


Whether you’re a beginner, a professional player or a big chess enthusiast, a wooden chess board is a must for you. It’s a staple piece for any chess collection, so don’t wait anymore, start looking for your wooden chess board at Kaoori.