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Vinyl Chess Boards

Compared to other chess boards, vinyl chess boards are a novelty but they have already managed to win the hearts of many chess lovers.

Vinyl boards are used in chess schools, tournaments, competitions and by anyone who appreciates the comfort of light-weighted and small chess boards.  

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As the name suggests, vinyl boards are made with vinyl material. They have become popular due to being relatively inexpensive and easy to store. Vinyl chess boards can be folded, rolled up and fit into any kind of bag, which is a huge advantage over traditional boards. They are perfect for classrooms and travel chess games alike.

If you’re currently looking for a vinyl chess board then the first thing you need to decide is whether you want a folding or a roll up chess board. 

Vinyl Folding Chess Board

The benefits of a vinyl folding chess board revolve around its convenience in terms of storage and transfer. A folding chess board becomes 2-3 times smaller than a regular chess board making it easy to store anywhere be it a bag or a suitcase. It’s also very light-weighted, so you can take it with you to play during your trip or practice with it during a tournament. Compared to roll up chess boards, folding ones made from vinyl are a bit sturdier, so if you’re looking for a board to serve you for a long time, a folding vinyl chess board is a better option. 

Vinyl Roll up Chess Board 

If a vinyl folding chess board is 2 times smaller than a roll up chess board is more than 5 times smaller compared to a conventional chess board. You can fit it nearly anywhere - if you’re really determined, you can even store it in a fanny pack. Roll up boards are an excellent option if you’re traveling by a car, on a plane or train. It’s the ultimate portable chess board that will cause you zero inconvenience. The downside of vinyl roll up chess boards is that if you don’t roll them up carefully, they might get crinkled or damaged. Make sure you roll it up nicely, so it’s flat and pristine when you roll it back out.

Purchase tips for vinyl chess boards 

Now that you know which vinyl  chess board you want, here are some other things to take into account. These tips will help you get the best board at a great price.

Buy your boards from chess speciality sites

Chess has become a rather mainstream board game and you can find chess boards and accessories in nearly every store. But if you’re looking for quality products then purchase your vinyl chess boards from a specialty site. Specialty shops like Kaoori have a wider range of options, making it possible to find just what you are looking for.

Pick the color and the type before you shop

Folding and roll up chess boards come in different colors, not every color that you can think of but there are still some choices available to you.  The most common colors you’ll find are black/white, brown/white and brown/yellow. To make the shopping process easier and faster, decide on the type and color of board you want before you start to shop. And of course, you need to decide whether you want a folding board and a roll-up board. 

At Kaoori, we offer a variety of folding and roll up chess boards, and they come in different colors, so you’ll without a doubt find the vinyl board you were looking for. Don’t waste any more of your time, start browsing our collection now!