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Chess Accessories

Chess is more than a board and its pieces. If you’re an avid chess player, you know that good chess accessories can be game-changing and as important as a nice board and high-quality pieces. At Kaoori, you can find some of the most commonly wanted chess accessories such as chess boxes, chess pieces storage bags, DGT connection materials and even chess medals.

Each of these accessories will either protect your chess set or enhance it.  

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These accessories are all practical but it doesn’t mean that they can’t or shouldn’t be beautiful. Take chess boxes - wouldn’t it be nice to have a chess box made of wood with a nice design that is pleasant to look at and use. 

Look through Kaoori’s collection of chess accessories and you’ll for sure find the product that’s been missing from your chess set. Chess accessories are not a luxury, they are a necessity that help you safely store your chess pieces and move them around. Some chess accessories will also help you study your own game, highlight your mistakes, so you can work on them.

You can be rest assured that each one of these accessories will become an inseparable part of your chess set.